Since 2010 some of our West Auckland Schools have accessed funding through KiwiSport and latterly Tū Manawa, to fund an activator position to provide play, active recreation, and sport opportunities for tamariki. Fortunately, schools have seen the value of these roles over the past 10 years and in some of the clusters, these positions will still continue despite not being funded any longer. The roles have gone through a transformation and they are now known as the Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina - (Physical Activity Facilitator). Planting the seed of play, active recreation and sport to grow healthy active tamariki.



​​​​​​​Catch up on what Helen and her schools in the Green Bay cluster have been up to over the last term.

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Check out how Georgia has been helping Henderson Primary get the most out of their new bike track

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Logan has been teaching Tapu Ae to Massey and Don Buck Primary Schools over the past term.

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Our Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina are now online! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina have made the switch to creating online content for teachers and tamariki. From live Zoom sessions with classes to creating Youtube videos with challenges, they have plenty of great ideas to help tamariki stay active and have fun at home.


Helen Ng
Green Bay Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina
(Physical Activity Facilitator)


Based at Green Bay High School, Helen is one of two Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina for the Green Bay/Titirangi area. She works with students to increase their physical activity and participation in play, active recreation and sport.


She also runs professional development sessions for teachers. Together with Anton, she is able to provide the SPORT+ after school sports programme. Helen works with Laingholm School, Woodlands Park School, Fruitvale School, New Lynn Primary School, and Arahoe School.

Georgia Spears
Henderson Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina

(Physical Activity Facilitator)


​​​​​​​Kia ora, my name is Georgia and I am the Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina for the Henderson cluster. I am passionate about creating more opportunities for youth to participate in play, active recreation, and sport. I also work closely with teachers to grow capability so that they can provide quality experiences for their students. I work with Henderson Primary, Henderson North School, Western Heights Primary, and Holy Cross Catholic School.

Logan Steed
Massey Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina
(Physical Activity Facilitator)


​​​​​​​Kia ora, my name is Logan, and I am the Kaiwhakatō Hākinakina for the Massey cluster. I am committed to providing quality opportunities in play, active recreation, and sport so that our tamariki grow up to become lifelong participators in physical activity. Another key focus of mine is developing teachers’ ability and confidence in delivering these same opportunities for their students. I work with Massey Primary School, Hobsonville School, and Don Buck Primary School.