​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WATER SKILLS FOR LIFE

Traditional aquatic education has focused on teaching children to swim, however, research has indicated that this approach doesn’t provide our community with the skills to stay safe in and around water. Water Skills for Life is a collaborative project that coordinates 8-10 professionally delivered lessons to primary school children in years 3-6  across the Auckland region in decile 1-6 schools. The project delivers approximately 127,000 lessons per year to 14,ooo students.

Water Skills for Life is managed by Aktive – Auckland Sport & Recreation in partnership with Water Safety NZ, with regional coordination undertaken by Regional Sports Trusts and CLM.

If your school is interested in Water Skills for Life funding, please email pauline.butt@sportwaitakere.nz​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Drowning Prevention and Sport Waitākere have teamed up to bring a lifejacket hub to West Auckland schools.  This hub has been made possible through funding from The Trusts Community Foundation and is located at the Sport Waitākere offices, making it more accessible for schools to access if they are looking to extend their current aquatic education programme.

Schools use the lifejackets to:

• Familiarise students with lifejackets and show them how to fit the jackets correctly.

• Teach students how they work as flotation devices by using them with students in the school pool.

• Give students practical experience of different ways to group for warmth if they were stranded at sea.

• Practice swimming / moving in the water in ways that conserve energy.

• Make links between the school’s swimming programme and how to be water safe in different environments (river/sea/lakes).

To book your school’s lifejackets please click here. The lifejackets are available free of charge so please make sure you get your booking in early.

If you would like to access the scheme, please complete a Lifejacket Request Form and send it  to kushida.rasheed@dpanz.org.nz


​​​​​​​There is a range of professional development opportunities available to support the development of water safety skills within our community.

Drowning Prevention Auckland have experienced staff who can work in schools and with our diverse populations to help them to build their aquatic knowledge and understanding. 

Surf Life Saving Northern Region provideS beach education programs to schools and the community. 

Swimming New Zealand provides training for teachers as well as the community to support them to deliver aquatic opportunities to those in the community.  

Water Skills for Life was developed for children in Years 1-8 and is based on skills to keep them safe when in and around water.